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Kidding Season is upon us - see the kidding schedule for updates!

Introducing our new Finished Permanent Champion -CH Lost Valley JL Tradition. *S *B

Fairlea IH Jean Luc *S x Goodwood Sisley *D 1*M VGLittle Tots Estate Dan'L Boone x GCH Little Tots Estate Bellis 2*M
Tradition took home 2 Grand Champions from the 2012 Hoosier Rutfest!
and LTE Bellissimos took Grand Champion Junior Buck!


Accepting Reservations on 2013 kiddings! Updated schedule will be posted soon.


     We raise purebred Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats on our family farm.  We strive to breed for suburb quality and excellence in milking and conformation. We began our breeding program with what we think are  excellent and influential genetics of the breed. CapraKoza is always striving to improve upon our animals in body style, udder conformation, milk production and longevity, as well as "milkability" (after all-dairy goats should be a pleasure to milk!)    
    Nigerians are powerhouse milkers and fun to show!.  Because of  their docile, friendly temperaments and their small size, Nigerian Dwarf goats are very easy to handle, even for children, and also make wonderful pets. Our goats are mostly bottle raised, but always given plenty of attention and TLC by our family which makes them very sociable and well-mannered. We keep our herd at a maintainable size so we can be assured of inspecting them on a daily basis and giving them plenty of attention.

     Here at CapraKoza, besides free-range pasture forage, we provide our goats with the highest quality of feeds which includes mainly Alfalfa Chaffehaye, a mixed-grass hay, and High quality grains. We also provide them with Irish Kelp and a loose mineral given free-choice. Our goats also enjoy occasional treats of pine bows, organic banana peels, cantaloupe and pumpkin rinds.

     If you've never been to a show before, I highly recommend it!  Shows are a great opportunity to see and meet a variety of breeders, learn more about the Nigerian breed and what makes a show-quality animal, and simply have fun! We do not charge a delivery fee for animals picked up at shows.

      CapraKoza Farm is located in northeastern Indiana only minutes from Fort Wayne. We are a short drive from Ohio and Illinois.


Coming soon: Anatolian Shepherd Puppies...

     CapraKoza is delighted to announce that we will be taking reservations for Spring 2013 puppies, depending on how much interest we generate. A beautiful Anatolian Shepherd, One Shepherd Farm Hayal's Freedom is a working show-quality Livestock Guardian Dog out of a sturdy line of healthy working animals, having good hip-joint conformation (she has an OFA certification of "Good"). Freedom is an excellent guardian of the goats- she surprises us with her capabilities. She has a very gentle demeanor and has been not only a joy to us but invaluable here at CapraKoza as she has protected our herd from coyotes, raccoons, nosy neighborhood dogs and roaming dog packs.  We have had Great Pyrenees dogs and Anatolian Shepherds and we personally prefer the Anatolians by far, in their consistency, guarding abilities, demeanor and loyalty. Plus, unlike the Pyres, Anatolians do not have the tendency to wander off your property nor do they love digging holes along your fence line!  and If you are interested in reserving a pup or would like more information, please contact us!



All animals of age are tested yearly for CAE and Johnes as of June 2009.

December 2011 Whole herd Negative CAE, CL & Johnes
All our animals are purchased from reputable herds and we routinely test.

Thank you for stopping in and feel free to contact us!


Jill and Michael Rudolph
Columbia City, IN
(423) 444-3354
(260) 244-3180
Email:   jrudolph@caprakoza.com

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